Results of mineralogical and petrographic research of stone artifacts from the Bronze Age settlement Ternivka-1

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I.S. Nikitenko, Cand. Sci. (Geol.), State Higher Educational Institution “National Mining University”, Senior Lecturer of the Department of General and Structural Geology Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine


Purpose. To describe the natural stone raw materials base used by the population of Zrubna archeological culture on the territory of Samara river valley in the middle of the 2nd millennium B.C.

Methodology. Mineralogical and petrographic researches of the stone artifacts’ materials which were found during the archeological excavations of the settlement Ternivka-1 in Pavlohrad district of Dnipropetrovsk oblast were carried out and the probable provenance of the raw stones was identified. To this effect the results of mineralogical and petrographic analysis were compared with the geological data on similar rock, which form natural exposures. Detailed researches of ones were carried out during the first geological survey of the territory of Ukraine, mainly in the first half of 20th century.

Findings. The raw material under research was presented by the fragments of altar, whetstones, slivers, scrapers, fragments of different tools. As a result it was established that the majority of the artifacts was made of sandstone. It was presented by quartz and plagioclase-quartz varieties with the quartz regenerational (including micaceous), argillaceous, goethite-hydrogoethitic, quartz-goethitic, opal-chalcedonic and carbonate cement. Tools made of limestone, dolorite, argillite and flint also appeared. As a result of the determining of the raw materials provenance, it was established that the late Bronze Age population which lived in the valley of the river Samara tried to provide their needs with local raw stone, mainly different sandstones widespread in the valley of the river, its branches and in adjacent gullies. However, a small part of stone crafts, particularly flint tools and some tools made of sandstone were delivered here from the territory of modern Donbass, and the tools made of igneous rocks were imported from the area of Ukrainian Shield.

Originality. Till nowadays the district of Western Donbass was not considered as a territory where the ancient mining existed.

Practical value. The obtained results let us to revalue the role of the district in the system of raw stone mining and exchange trade of the Bronze Age.


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