Role of tectonic factor in formation of exogenous-infiltration uranium deposits in the Bug-Dnieper uranium ore region of the Ukrainian shield

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A.A. Kalashnik, Cand. Sci. (Geol.), Exploration expedition № 37, State enterprise “Kirovgeologiya”, Chief Geophysicist, Kirovograd, Ukraine


Purpose. To find out the role of tectonic factor in the process of forming of exogenous-infiltration deposits (deposits of sandstone type) to raise the efficiency of geological prospecting aiming the increase of uranium raw material reserve containing in the sediment rocks of the Bug-Dnieper metallogenic area of the Ukrainian Shield.

Methodology. The geological-structural terms of forming of uranium deposits of exogenous-infiltration type in the carbonaceous structure of the Palaeogene in the Yuzhno-Bugskiy, Ingulo-Inguletskiy and Saksagansko-Surskiy ore districts of the Bug-Dnieper uranium ore area of the Ukrainian Shield have been analyzed. Features of lithologic-and-facies complexes of the basic uranium deposits of the type have been considered. Generalization of materials on their connection with tectonic metasomatic zones and deep fault in the rocks of crystalline shield has been executed. Possible sources of ore substance have been considered. Study of conformities to law of distribution of uranium in the rocks of different age and in the zones of deep fault which influence on genesis of uranium in covering sedimentary rocks has been carried out.

Findings. All deposits of uranium of exogenous-infiltration type of the Middle Eocene age in the Bug-Dnieper uranium ore area are located near the areas of crossing of middle Eocene paleovalleys by the large fault. Probably forming of uranium deposits of sandstone type on the stage of ore preparation was influenced by the uranium bearing underwater inflows from Middle Eocene horizon into the zones of permeable long-living tectonic structures affected by the numerous neo-tectonic motions. Localization of ore formation with commercial concentrations of uranium in the lignite sedimentations of middle Eocene is more probable in areas of crossing of paleovalleys with ancient tectonic violations through which the underground radioactive waters passed and caused endogenous uranium ore formation.

Originality. Conformities to law of distribution and terms of localization of exogenous-infiltration deposits of uranium in the sediment layer of the Bug-Dnieper metallogenic area have been defined on the basis of study of influence of exogenous and endogenous factors of uranium ore formation. The role of tectonic factor in formation of the ore industrial objects of the type has been found out.

Practical value. Task-oriented analysis of information about the features of forming, distribution and the terms of localization of uranium deposits of sandstone type of the Bug-Dnieper metallogenic area, conformities to law of development of uranium ore genesis in connection with the zones of deep faults contributes to the prognosis estimation of exploration of new industrial objects.


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