Rare-earth metals production from secondary sources

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S.R. Bobliakh, Cand. Sci. (Tech.), National University of Water Management and Nature Resources Use, Senior Instructor, Rivne, Ukraine

R.M. Ignatiuk, National University of Water Management and Nature Resources Use, Postgraduate Student, Rivne, Ukraine


The purpose of the article is an analysis of use and extraction technologies of rare-earth metals. Examples of the impact of those metals on the world economy and politics are showed. In addition, the impact of the mining industry on the environment and questions of provision of countries with secondary raw materials were observed. The results of cerium production from the secondary raw materials are presented in the article. CeO2 was the final product we wanted to obtain from the recyclable material (CeAlO3) during the research. There were two ways to obtain it. For each way all possible reaction chains were determined. The chemical equations were provided for each reaction chain. Also, the types of reaction were indicated. Eh-pH diagrams for the Ce-Al-H2O (Al-H2O, Ce-H2O, Ce-Al-H2O) system were created. For each reaction redox windows were calculated using the corresponding log(K) values at appropriate temperatures. The production/consumption analysis was made for considered processes. The economic analysis and diagrams shoved the advantages of the process no.1. Modeling was done by means of HSC 5.1 program.


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