Study of information-analytical properties of electromechanical system by unlinear correction as to power assignment

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V.S. Khilov, Dr. Sci. (Tech.), Professor, State Higher Educational Institution „National Mining University“, Professor of the Department of Metrology and Information-Measuring Technologies, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine


Purpose. To study the qualitative and quantitative characteristics of the exterior contour of drilling line movement electromechanical regulation system.

Methodology. The system of power flow control in the face zone has been suggested. In the system the signal sent from the intensity control device output to input of the rotation frequency regulator is corrected by means of the signal proportional to the moment of resistance. We found out that such a correction affects the damping capacity of the electromechanical system. The frequency analysis of the characteristics of the dynamic links of the power contour control object of the electromechanical rotational movement drive of the roller cutter drilling tool has been carried out. Dynamic properties of the optimized closed current loop of the engine in conditions of absence of the reverse electromotive force influence have been taken into consideration. In the drive system the dynamic properties of the fast-acting handled electro drive have been taken into account as to the system ’frequency converter – asynchronous engine’ with transmission frequency of the rotation frequency loop up to 100 radian per second. It was found out, that the closed loop of power affected by the nonlinear correction can be described by transfer function with the defining equation of the third order with nonlinear coefficients. This enables us to use parameters of Vyshnegradsky diagram for the control quality assessment. The influence of the parameters of control system on the coefficients of Vyshnegradsky has been studied and this allows us to distinguish ranges of monotonous, noncyclic, periodical convergent and divergent transient processes. The location of zones of transient processes of control system with the control of the power of rock destruction has been identified on the chart of Vyshnegradsky. Location of the lines of the similar values of the stability degrees has been found out and the reaction of the closed loop of power during disturbance and adjustment of the contour of rotation frequency on modular and symmetrical optimum during nonlinear correction of power. The values of discriminant have been figured out depending on the correlation of the values of the power of destruction and the moment of resistance on the rolling cutter bit resulting in the stable transient processes. The suggested correction raises the damping capacity of the control system in toto. We have proven that the closure outer contour of power regulation in the rotational movement drive of the roller cutter drilling tool provides such an algorithm of control by the process of drilling when parabolic mechanical characteristic of the drill bit appear in the process of destruction of hard rock. This makes the rolling cutter bit work in resource saving regime.

Originality. For the first time the influence of the nonlinear correction of the electromechanical rotation system of the roller cutter drilling tool on the quality of the control of speed loop of rolling cutter bit has been studied.

Practical value. The results let us figure out the right settings of the outer contour regulator by basic data of the object of control and to estimate the quality of the power contour control of electromechanical system of rotation of roller cutter drilling tool.


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