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Geology 5
A. O. Sinitsyna, P. V. Karnozhitskiy, D. V. Miroshnichenko, D. Yu. Bilets The use of brown coal in Ukraine to obtain water-soluble sorbents 5
P. I. Pigulevskiy, O.M. Stovas. Seismic geotraverse "Granit" (Ukrainian part). Reanimation 11
L. F. Mullagaliyeva, S. K. Baimukhametov, V. S. Portnov, V. M. Yurov, D. A. Ibragimova Nanostructures of coal beds in the Sherubaynurinsky section of the Karaganda basin 17
Mining 23
R. R. Yegorchenko, O.A. Mukha, L. N. Shirin The methods to calculate expediency of composite degassing pipelines 23
A. Yu. Dreus, O. I. Gubin, V. I. Bondarenko, Baochang Liu, V. I. Batuta Numerical study of microwave impact on gas hydrate plugs in a pipeline 28
K. Zhussupova, Zh. Seitov, E. Utegenov, N. Khvatina, N. Baikenov Automation of ore quality management in quarries 34
Tien Trung Vu, Doan Viet Dao Assessing the impact of underground working (tunneling) in the II section of Seam 14 on surface construction works at Ha Lam Coal Mine (Vietnam) 39
I. I. Paliichuk, I. M. Kovbasiuk, O. B. Martsynkiv, I. I. Vytvytskyi Forceful interaction of the casing string with the walls of a curvilinear well 45
Solid State Physics, Mineral Processing 52
O. A. Haidai, A. V. Pavlychenko, A. S. Koveria, V. V. Ruskykh, T. V. Lampika Determination of granulometric composition of technogenic raw materials for producing composite fuel 52
R. V. Liutyi, M. V. Tyshkovets, M. M. Yamshinskij, V. Yu. Selivorstov, V. G. Ivanov Synthesis of phosphosulphate substance and properties of its structured mixture with quartz sand 59
Geotechnical and Mining Mechanical Engineering, Machine Building 66
V. V. Kalchenko, V. I. Kalchenko, S. D. Tsybulya, A. V. Kolohoida, Ye. Yu. Sakhno Simulation of the process of milling and grinding cylindrical surfaces by an oriented tool in one setup 66
Electrical Complexes and Systems 71
O. Bialobrzheskyi, I. Reva, S. Yakimets, A. Sulym The electrical power quality indicator – interference power factor 71
Power Supply Technologies 78
G. Pivnyak, G. Gruhler, A. Bublikov, Yu. Papaika, Ye. Voskoboinyk Classification of heating conditions in terms of smart control of indoor heating with the use of uncontrolled electric heaters 78
Environmental Safety, Labour Protection 84
O. S. Kovrov, N. I. Dereviahina, Ye. A. Sherstiuk Ecological estimation of installing geothermal systems on territories of closed coal mines 84
O. Y. Makarenko, Ye. S. Nazymko, Yu. A. Krasnova, N. A. Makarenko, V. A. Doroshenko Problematic issues of attracting criminal responsibility for the crimes against industrial safety 91
V. M. Skrobala, V. V. Popovych, P. V. Bosak, T. I. Shuplat Prediction of changes in the vegetation cover of Ukraine due to climate warming 96
Information Technologies, Systems Analysis and Administration 106
N. Gerasymchuk, M. Prodanchuk, S. Stoyanova-Koval, H. Bratus, N. Kudrenko Accounting and analytical aspects of functioning of enterprises in the context of the introduction of an artificial intelligence system 106
B. Orazbayev, I. Issa, S. Iskakova, L. Kurmangaziyeva Application of mathematical modelling methods in oil production management 112
V. Chubaievskyi, H. Blakyta, O. Bogma, I. Shtuler, T. Batrakova Protection of information resources as an integral part of economic security of the enterprise 117
V. Turekhanova, S. Saliy, M. Kudaibergenov, Y. Zhalgasbekov, G. Jangulova Application of the wavelet transformation theory in the algorithm for constructing a quasigeoid model 123
Economy and Management 130
K. A. Artyushok, A. M. Yakovchuk, S. Yu. Yuldashev, M. S. Pysmenna Institutional support for the management of environmental-economic relations: economic and legal aspects 130
V. Koval, A. Hrymalyuk, D. Atstaja, P. Nesenenko, N. Kovshun, L. Masina Hypothesis of a two-level investment system and the prospects for the planned development of the socialist market economy 138
A. Naida, A. Sitkovska, A. Shevchenko, S. Palii, T. Shved Socio-economic development of enterprises in a permanent crisis 145
N. Lokhman, T. Beridze, Z. Baranik, I. Dashko, S. Tkachenko Modeling of investment impacts on industrial enterprise profits 151
I. Shtunder, S. Kushnir, I. Perevozova, S. Kalinina, E. Savchenko, V. Nitsenko Sustainable development of the economy in the conditions of the energy crisis 156
G. Zhanbirov, A. Toktamyssova, B. Mussabayev, Y. S. Tanachova, T. A. Zheldak Digitalization approach in education based on applying the network readiness index as the universal metric 162
V. D. Zalizko, R. H. Dobrowolski, A. M. Cherniak, V. Yu. Artemov, D. V. Nowak Gig-economy as a safety gradient for sustainable development of the mining industry 170

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